Guildford – A Nice Place To Stay (Making Of)

April 12th, 2012

This morning was a morning like many others here in Guildford. So as many other days I’ve fired up my camera, set it on my tripod and let it create something new.

Unlike many other days though, I felt like doing something different: a time lapse video. I’ve already attempted doing something like this, but this tiime I wanted to do it properly.

I had an idea: why not documenting my “journey” towards the city centre and High Street?

So there you go! After an initial shot from the window in my house, I decided to shoot many pictures alogn my way. There was a big problem: how to secure my camera while driving downtown?

Well, with lots of fantasy and taking some risks, here is what I came up with!


(Yes that it’s scotch tape on my car dashboard)

With everything set it up I’ve started my car and drove down the street. It was a funny experience seeing people looking into your car with an expression of surprise over their faces. I bet you don’t find everyday a crazy person with a camera on a tripod in his car driving along!

Nevertheless I arrived into the centre where I’ve looked for another place where I could take an angle over High Street.

I walked up a bit finding this lovely spot:


From there I observed again the surprise and curiosity in people’s faces while I was sitting next to my camera, waiting for it to finish its shooting program. This picture sums up all the curiosity:


(Am I looking at a camera or an alien?)

I then walked back down to take a different approach to the high street, finished my shooting and get back in the car where I had to rebuild my camera settings for the short travel.

Back at home I edited all the pictures in Adobe Lightroom 4 and I created different timelapse clips diretly into the program by using this clever add-on. Final Cut Pro did the final job of combining everything together into a nice little video.