Four Seasons

April 20th, 2012

Yes, this will be another meteorological post, so get ready! (This time I won’t complain about anything)

Today I’ve experienced four seasons all in one day. The day started with a fresh morning and a blue sky. The perfect scenery to have this song in the background.

By the time I’ve arrived to the office, the morning spring was evolving towards an hotter “summer, the start of a very beautiful day.

Not too fast…immediately after lunch it started to rain, first like a grey day in the middle of October, then more and more heavily with a freezing temperature like we were in Winter.

Wow, how can you adapt to this ever changing wheater? Well if you are like me you always have an umbrella and a coat with you. If you are a real British, you just walk under the rain with a t-shirt like if there’s no storm happening.

A cool experience, even if I was completely stucked in my car due to a super heavy traffic (no terrible accidents this time).