From Guildford to Leith Hill

April 22nd, 2012

Another Sunday, Another short trip in my bag! This time I went for a short ride to Leith Hill, in the middle of the Surrey Hills Region.

The reason behind this choice is simple: from there you can enjoy great views on the valley. Stunning panoramas is what is waiting for you up there.

Unfortunately the weather wansn’t that good so I could only stay there for a short period of time before I had to head back to my car. A very big storm was on its way toward Leith Hill, so I had to leave.


Anyway, as always I’ve started from Guilford, heading down to the A25 direction Dorking. I drove through the city and then after few miles you have to turn right into a very small road called Hollow Lane. Until this point you’ll drive on a very normal road, nothing special to see, but when you turn right, a whole you world will opne up in front of you.

It will feel like going back in time. The nearrow and winding road will take you deep into the forrest, leaving from time to time some space to look down into the valley. This will be the average road in front of you.


As I said before unfortunately the weather wasn’t that good. I defenetely have to came back with more sun in the sky! If you are an hardcore biker you should came here with your bike. You’ll find many other people riding here and the road offers different levels of difficulty that can entertain you.

After a while I’ve reached the Orange parking spot where you can freely leave your car and start to hike up on the hill.


From this parking it will only take you 5 minutes to reach the top and the tower, but from there you can go on with several different trails ranging from half an hour to 2-3 hours.


The Gothic Tower stands on top of the hill in a very imperative way. You have a great 360° view from up there.

On my way back home I also had to experience some heavy rain and I discover that is not so pleasnt to drive on these road when is so wet. There’s no (or little) draining asphalt (I wish I had still my winter tyres on!) so you’ll have water everywhere. Be careful!

To conclude, this is a short but very enjoyable trip. If done with the sun it can be combined with some quality hiking over the hills which are amazing around here.

Give it a try!