Spotify for iPad. Road Test

May 2nd, 2012

After what we can consider as a very long wait, finally today Spotify released a proper iPad app. As a loyal Spotify user I immediately went to the AppStore to download it. I have to say that all the wait has been well repaid.


The best way to test the new app was surely to have it playing during my trip back home. So that’s exactly what I did. As you can see above I mounted my iPad on my car dashboard, used my radio connector1 to pair it with my stereo and off I went.

The UI really takes fully advantage of the iPad’s big screen, with the (almost) full screen album artworks is a pleasure to see your music and not only hear it.


With the big controls and the touch gestures you can easily navigate through your music and it’s super simple to skip a track even while your are driving (it’s as easy as changing radio station on your car).

It’s definitely a good app, but it still lacks the Radio function that you can have on the desktop version of Spotify. Until they will implement this feature I’ll still have some problems in using this app while I’m on the go.

Below you can find other two screenshots for the App. A good first try, but there’s room to improve.

image image

  1. If you go on Amazon you can find many different kind of radio connectors that will work with any iOS device and that will cost few £/€.