The Rite Of Spring

May 12th, 2012

(Due to a very long downtime of the host of this blog I’m only able to publish the article now, but let’s pretend that…) I’m waiting for my soup to arrive, in this lovely restaurant close to the London Eye, and I feel like it’s the perfect place to collect my thoughts about today.

It has been an amazing day (as always), the weather was nice, the food I had was good the atmosphere in the city was great. Spring seems to have finally move in place. It couldn’t start in a better way.

I arrived around lunch time and I went straight to my new favorite place: the “Real Food Market”. There I had a lovely burger married with a home made beer.


What I love the most about this place is that everything you eat or drink comes directly from the farmer and you can immediately taste the superb quality.

After this quick meal I went for a walk nearby to kill sometime before 6PM. That’s because at 6PM the highlight of the night would start.

The London Symphony Orchestra had a free concert planned in Trafalgar Square. This was the original reason to go to London.

Soon enough the concert began and it was an absolute blast. I’m not a huge fan of classical music I have to admit, but today I enjoyed every single note until the last one. It has been an amazing concert.


Everything was perfect: the orchestra, the location, the weather, the feelings in the air. Looking around me, I could see many couples or group of friends bounding together, enjoying the performance as it best.

Trafalgar Square became a beautiful bubble. Around us I could see the city moving: people, cars, planes. Inside instead everything was still, everything could move only with the music.


Two hours flown away like two minutes but I could have gone on and on for all night because the music touched my soul and made me feel loved, made me feel safe. It made me feel special.

Welcome Spring.