An Adventure

June 2nd, 2012

I’m sitting on a bench in the park behind the Guildford Castle and while I’m there, many thoughts are coming to my head.

This is a very nice place to be when you want just to relax and stay with yourself, because everybody here does just that.

There’s silence, you are far enough from the traffic that you can almost only hear the nature around you singing along. Now that the weather is nice it has acquired even a better shape than before.

All the benches are around a central garden so you can see everybody else in the face and see what they ate doing, you can’t just hide yourself. I never knew what the central garden was about until today: apparently is the typical ground for English Pétanque. I say English because the ground is not rusty and sandy but it looks more like a gold court, that’s British style 😉

Where was I? Oh yes, thoughts. Since when I lost my broadband connection two weeks ago I had much more time to think back at this experience I’m living in the UK. If I had to describe it “Webby Stile” I would probably say: This Is Just F***ing Great! (for those who don’t know you can only use 5 words for your Webby Award acceptance speech).

Since I like to use words I’m going to explain it better (if you don’t like words you can just stop here it’s fine),

It’s only a bit more than two months and a half since I arrived here, but it feels now like it has always been like this. I’m totally happy with my daily routine between house and work.

Work especially is giving me lots of satisfactions. I can’t go to much into the details around what I do at Daikin (yes we’re full of secrets!), but I can say is that I’m not doing photocopies nor I’m brewing coffee all day long (also because here tea is the big player). People in the office acknowledge me for my work and I was even able to streamline some processes introducing some of my own ideas to the pot.

Life outside Daikin is great as well, I’m in a country that I admire since I was a little boy with its history, its music and its cities. Living half an hour away from London makes me a very happy people.

So at the end of the day when I make a balance of how I’m doing so far I would say pretty good. I hope things will continue getting better and better.

Unfortunately there’s already a deadline to this “wonderland”: end of September my internship will end.

Will I be lucky enough to be kept here after that date? It’s hard to say it now, but I really hope to be sitting again on this bench in four months time.