Running Out Of Ink

August 9th, 2012

Today something very weird and strange happened to me. Something I had not experienced in a while: I’ve ran out of ink.

I know that it sounds stupid, but it was totally unexpected for me. In the past couple of years I’ve developed a big passion for writing. It doesn’t matter what, when or how but many times a day I feel the need to write down my thoughts. Since becoming an “Internet addict”, I’ve started several writing ventures in order to satisfy my needs.

This blog is an example or perhaps my bookshelf is a better one. Anyway, my writing has been always all over the web. Until last week.

What happened last week? Nothing extremely special, I just bought a Moleskine and I started writing a daily journal on it. As I said before it does feel pretty good to keep this diary up to date but that meant I had to change my writing equipment, going back to basics: paper instead of HTML code and ink instead of a keyboard.

I had a long market research before buying my pen because I needed something small to be attached to the journal, but big enough to be easily usable. After looking around for a while I stumbled upon this pen.


It has all the characteristic I was looking for and so its purchase was a no-brainer.

The first problem happened today. After less than a week of writing I ran out of ink in the middle of a sentence. It was quite a shock for me, because I wasn’t used anymore to this kind of writing setup. You cannot run out of symbols on a screen.

The worst part is that now I have to look for another pen. I cannot simply replace the ink because I now know that it won’t last enough time to be really useful. I have to start my search all over again, a huge pain.

To solve it quickly I may simply buy a classic black BIC and then I’ll now it will last forever. I may have to compromise in the size, but I cannot stand to be interrupted in the middle of my thoughts.