Playing With Numbers

September 19th, 2012

Today during my lunch break I decided to play a bit with some numbers surronding the iPhone 5 launch. In particular I’ve focused my attention on the news the Apple sold 2 millions iPhone 5 during the first 24 hours of preorders. It’s double the amount they sold in the same period last year with the iPhone 4S. If this is not enough for you, keep reading because I put some interesting numbers together.

I decided to analize how the iPhone is priced around the world in the countries that will receive the device from the 21st of September, which are: USA, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan (I couldn’t find any price for the unlocked iPhone 5 in Japan, that’s why is listed as zero).

Before showing the chart I have to make few comments:
– all the prices are coming from the Apple Store Online of each country.
– for Hong Kong the online store only listed the base model so I took the average gap 16-32 and 32-64 for all the others and I’ve applied to estimate the price in this country.
– the chart shows all the prices converted in USD using the today’s conversion rate given by Yahoo! Currency Exchanger.

That said, this is the picture than you get:


As you can see at the moment the cheapest place where you can get an iPhone 5 are the US, followed by Canada and Hong Kong. For the American price you still have to apply the VAT of the state where you’ll buy the device so it will go up a little.

Europe instead is already listed with VAT inside the price and you can see that as always we are among the countries where the iPhone is more expensive. The other European countries not listed here have storically followed the French and German priceing so you can see what are you going to pay.

This year I pre-ordered by iPhone 5 in the UK, so I’ll save around $50-60 (which is not bad).

Now, moving away from actual facts, I’ve decided to dive more into those sales figures making all sort of estimates. I want to make clear that the following table is purely made upon speculative reasoning and in no way it could represent the reality of the sales.

Basically what I’ve done was dividing the 2 million devices pre-ordered for each country based on the latest registered population (as given by Wikipedia). I’ve then calculated the average price for the iPhone 5 in each country and finally I’ve multiplied this average for the number of devices I’ve allocated earlier (units for Japan have been re-allocated equally upon the other countries).

To say that in another way, I just wanted to quickly see how much Apple has grossed in this first weekend. If you don’t want to look at the chart, just look at this number: $ 1,732,294,604.59


What can we conclude from this quick analysis? I love numbers!

Aside that and despite my calculations being based on pure speculation, we can say that the iPhone 5 will be another incredible “cash cow” for Apple and will be anything but a disappointment.