I came home for a weekend and as I always do I swap SIM card, so I can use my Italian number. It was the first weekend I came back since Vodafone IT announced its LTE service.

With no additional costs or setup, my iPhone 5 automatically went on their super fast network for me to enjoy.

First impression: wow it’s fast! As you can see from the picture above I had quite good results, so good that I didn’t even used wifi at home!

The speed is surely helped by the fact that few people have devices with LTE capabilities so the network is not jammed.

Nevertheless I’m not completely sold on the LTE network and that’s is mainly due to the battery issue. The performance are considerably poorer compared to the 3G network and I had 20% of battery left after half a day if normal usage.

I’ve also noticed that since the LTE coverage is not complete on the territory, the iPhone always go back and forth from LTE and 3G contributing in savaging the battery.

Despite that it’s a huge improvement and I’m very happy about the results of this quick test!