Behind the scenes of “On The Rocks”

February 23rd, 2013

My latest picture went live yesterday night, after a lot a preparation and a carefully studied setup.

As you can see by the above picture, I had my Canon 500D on a tripod with my 50mm prime lens and a ring flash around to provide direct light to the glass. Placed on a tray there was the glass (the one used in the final picture is different), surrounded by aluminum foil.

Then I had one more LED source of light which I was able to move around to have different shading effects (you can see it on the table on the right in the next picture).


I used the aluminum foil to reflect the light around and create a nice and soft effect for the background.

The camera setup was directly tethered to my Mac, using Adobe Lightroom 4, so I cold immediately see the result of the capture.


Then it was time to prepare the drink! I used cold dark tea and I blended it with some ice, to try to recreate the feeling of a Scotch On The Rock.


After a million tries and some retouched with Lightroom and Photoshop this is the final result:

On The Rocks by Matteo Dall'Ombra (matteodallombra)) on

To be honest I’m quite happy with the result but I recognize I have room to improve. First of all towards the end of the shooting session I ran out of ice so I couldn’t really test all the different possibilities I had in mind. Secondly the lighting setup in general is not yet at its best. I found a nice lighting kit on Amazon that is already on my wish list and that will be surely able to improve my “studio” setup.

What do you think?