Playing With iMovie And A GoPro

December 29th, 2013

The other day I went skiing with some friends and I had a chance to use my GoPro in a “serious” way for the first time. I had it strapped to my chest, because I forgot to attach a base on my helmet, so all the recordings were from my point of view, almost as if it was eye-level.

It was really a lot of fun recording while skiing and because the camera is so light and small you don’t feel it at all. In fact few times I kept recording even when we weren’t skiing, simply because I forgot having the camera on me!

One surprising element was the battery life. I record intensely for 4 hours before the battery died. I always recorded 1080p video at 30fps with the protune option on. Only on one occasion I moved to a timelapse setting with a picture taken every 10 seconds.

I came back with a good amount of footage and today I decided to put something together. To make something funny I decided to use iMovie in order to build a “trailer”. I never did one before but it’s super intuitive!

Once you chose one template from the option provided, it’s just a matter of selecting pieces of your footage to fit into the spaces. And because the cuts and the music is already setup for you, almost every clip will look super awesome once your export the final product.

Only a quick note on iMovie. I have the latest version installed on my MacBook and compared to the previous one they definitely removed quite a lot of features. There’s also no way to split the software between multiple monitors ((it was possible in the previous version of the software)), which doesn’t really make ant sense.

I settled for iMovie for this project because I wanted to use the “trailer” feature, but otherwise I’ll stick with FinalCut which offers a much more easy and intuitive interface to work with.

Anyway, it was a fun day out and a fun day of editing today. The GoPro camera, which is now ubiquitous ((almost everybody in Sestriere had one on his/her head)) is an incredible piece of technology and I can’t wait to use it more!!

Now, you can find the final editing embedded below from Facebook.