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A Natural Playground

January 19th, 2014

Today I had a couple of appointments, but at the last minutes everything fell apart, so I had a day to fill. There was a very nice and warm sun outside, so I decided to go for a “drive”.

I had no specific destination in mind, nor any time constraint so I was simply free to drive as much as I wanted. Around Guildford there’s a very lovely area known as Surrey Hills, with many small villages a little pub along the way.

I really enjoy driving around here. The roads are narrow, they go up and down with lots of generous bends in between.

I’m definitely not the only one with this passion. On my way I found many cyclist and bikers, which to me it’s a clear indication that I was in the right place! It’s a natural playground. As with many roads (especially small A or B) in England, driving became a pleasure, a way of enjoying your time and relaxing behind the wheel.

Following some bikers I ended up unexpectedly in a familiar place: Newlands Corner.

I already knew this place from my night exploration when I was trying to take some pictures of a starry sky at night. Going there during the day was a completely different experience. I almost couldn’t park due to an incredible amount of people! The atmosphere was fantastic with lots of families having a pic-nic or simply enjoying a short walk on the side of the hill.

From the top there’s always a great view.

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