My Holiday, All In My Pocket

January 30th, 2014

Usually every time I go on holiday I have my DSLR with me, ready to capture precious memories and why not, cool pictures ready to be shared with the world. For my recent holiday I decided to change this trend.

I just got back from a short skiing weekend where I decided to leave my big camera behind and go all-in with my iPhone.

I’ve been an iPhone user since the 3G was released and the camera has gotten better and better, but despite that I’ve always seen the iPhone not as a serious replacement for a camera. By that I mean that for me the iPhone was good for a quick Instagram share rather than for a “fine-art” composition ready for 500px.

After this weekend I think I’ve changed my mind.

I used my iPhone constantly while I was on the slopes, capturing the beauty of the mountain around me in a way I couldn’t have practically done with my Canon. I applied the same deep principle of composition and attention to details that I regularly apply and the I’ve been really please with the results.

The other thing I was worried about was related to post-processing. I’m a big fan of Lightroom and I always apply some level of color correction to all of my pictures to bring back some of the details that I may have lost when taking the picture.

On my iPad I sometimes use Snapseed, but this was the first time I used it on my iPhone. Despite having a much smaller canvas to work with the controls were still very easy to work with, giving very good results to the final picture.

Even in low light conditions, with very minimal re-touching the iPhone proved itself to be a good choice to cover my holiday.

I will still heavily rely on my DSLR, but now I’ve been reminded of the power I’ve got in my pockets.