March 29th, 2016

Last night we had the latest in a series on cross-over episodes in the CW universe of super heroes. This time it was The Flash invading the Earth protected by Supergirl (hence the amazing title of this post). I think it’s just fair to say that this has been the best super hero event in the DC universe in quite a long time.

And I’m not the only one that thinks that.

I especially like the title of IGN’s article about the episode: The Flash/Supergirl Crossover Is The Perfect Antitode To Batman V Superman. I’m saying this because that’s exactly how I felt after watching the TV show.

During the weekend I went to the cinema in order to watch what was supposed to be the biggest super hero movie of the year. Turns out they should’ve called it Boredom V Sleepiness, a title that would be much more representative, albeit a bit of a spoiler 😉

Anyway, back to Supergirl/Flash.

In these action-packed 40-something minutes, we get to see two completely stranger immediately get to know each other, bonding on what is making them special, being heroes. The Flash brings his two-season wisdom and teaches Supergirl how being part of a team is the best thing you can hope for in this or any other Earth. On the other hand Supergirl brings her positive attitude and joy and making look everything so simple when it’s really super hard and difficult.

They immediately complement each other, and it’s clear how the two actors clearly had so much fun while filming this episode. The interaction and the chemistry between the two characters was immediately palpable, since the first scene they come in contact. Much more than The Flash and The Arrow. These two are very much the opposite and they just barely keep each other in balance.

The Lady of Steel and the Red Scarlet are very much amplifying each other’s auras on screen, even though they are not really that great at fighting crime together. But that wasn’t the point of this epiosode in the first place.

This wasn’t at all about fighting crime together. This was all about the two heroes needing a way to recharging the positive battery, trying to restore the faith in humanity and the good that always was the distinguishing factor for them. Previous to this episode, both The Flash and Supergirl had to go through some really tough times and I believe this encounter was needed to turn the tide around.

I’m liking the approach that The CW is taking toward the DC Universe, and I really believe that Warner Bros. could learn1 a thing or two for their upcoming movies in the Expanded Universe.

  1. They probably won’t as they already announced that they’ll be using a different actor to portray The Flash on the big screen.