Throw Back Friday

April 11th, 2016

The other day I was doing some research about the iPad, and I’ve come across something really funny. It’s a small piece that I wrote back in 2011, when we were on the verge of the release of the second generation iPad.

Why I’ll probably switch to an iPad

A big 10″ display, a great way to enjoy your media, while remaining very compact and easy to carry around. I just saw great potential in that device, a perfect mix both for productivity and relax. Anyway, I’ve resisted to the first generation. As you know, for a gadget of that kind, the first generation is always afflicted by some limitations that create a good but not perfect experience for the user, both in term of hardware and software.

That was a good call by me.

A new design, thinner and lighter, more power inside. A perfect mix for my need. I think that the iPad will really become a laptop for many users around the world. Easy to carry around to perform the majority of tasks an average user need to do. I hope also that Apple will preview it’s iOS 5, maybe with a differentiation between the iPad and the iPhone version, in order to really take the best from this tablet.

Apple should’ve asked me to create their marketing campaign for the small iPad Pro, see, already in 2011 I was onto the iPad as a laptop thing. You could almost say that I was a precursor of our own time.

The other interesting bit is how I was already hoping that Apple would’ve done something different with iOS as to really take advantage of the new big device. I guess we are not there yet1, but I won’t stop hoping for that to happen! iOS 10 will be the one, won’t it?!

Finally, there’s a bit in that article that didn’t hold up to the time very well:

If all this things will happen next week, I’ll be ready to say goodbye to the iPhone and say welcome to the iPad.

Don’t ask me why I would’ve written such a stupid statement, but I did and nothing will ever be able to erase it from the internet. I’m just happy I was very wrong!

  1. Massive white and empty space between icons on the iPad Pro, yes I’m looking at you!